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Journey to the West

Journey to the West documentary film is an exploration of the ways in which Traditional Chinese Medicine—including acupuncture, herbs, and martial arts—is being practiced in the 21st century.

From a self-taught herbalist in the Himalayan foothills to an experimental acupuncture clinic treating Parkinson’s patients in California, the film examines what the popularity of traditional Chinese medicine says about the meeting of Eastern and Western cultures.  Shot in China and the U.S., this documentary introduces viewers to an engaging array of different practitioners, and illustrates how this traditional medicine is deeply rooted within a Chinese philosophic system that unites art, mind and body.

Journey to the West features:

  • He ShiXiu 和士秀 - Acclaimed herbalist from the foothills of the Himalayas in LiJian (Yunnan Province), He ShiXiu's remarkable mastery with traditional Chinese herbs has led reporters from all over the world (some say as many as 140 countries and in 30 different languages) to report in his ability to cure incurable diseases.

  • Wu ShengAn 吳生安 - Trained by one of the last imperial court physicians, Zhu MuLin 朱穆林, Wu ShengAn is one of China's distinguished medicine elders. He is also a celebrated He-style Taiji master.

  • Wu SanDa 吳三大 - Legendary calligraphy artist and painter, Wu SanDa's work has been displayed throughout China, Japan, the UK, France and the United States.  His calligraphy graces the sides of Chinese airliners and is the title feature in Zhang YiMou's films "Red Sorghum" and "Curse of the Golden Flower" - revealing a glimpse into the impact his calligraphy has had on modern China.

  • Li MingZhong 李明忠, GuQin player, preeminent scholar of ancient Chinese music, and leading authority on making GuQin instruments, Li MingZhong restores Qin instruments from the Tang, Song, Yuan and Ming dynasties for the National Palace Museum as well as several provincial museums within China.

  • Wu ZhongXian 吳忠賢, a 'modern gentleman', Wu Zhongxian has devoted his life to the practice of traditional Daoist arts and inner cultivation.  Wu ZhongXian (aka Master Wu) has authored 12 books (5 in Chinese) to help share the benefits of his practice with others.

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