Master Wu dragon talisman

Bagua practice circle at the Southern Reality School ancestral temple in TianTai


TianTai School

In contrast to the Northern Complete Reality School, the Southern Complete Reality School was founded by HaiChanZi LiuCao 海蟾子 劉操. He taught Zhang BoDuan 張伯端, who was 83 years old when they first met.

Zhang BoDuan had spent many years seeking a teacher and he finally had the great fortune to study internal alchemy. His Daoist name is ZiYang ZhenRen 紫陽真人. He wrote the famous internal alchemy book WuZhenPian 悟真篇 (Understanding Reality) at TianTai mountain and made the Southern Complete Reality School famous.

Zhang BoDuan had five great students: Shi XingLin 石杏林, Xue ZiXian 薛子賢, Chen NiWan 陳泥丸, Bai YuChan 白玉蟾, and Peng HeLin 彭鶴林. We refer to them as NanWuZu 南五祖 - the “Southern Five Ancestors.”

TianTai mountain remains an active sacred center for both Buddhism and Daoism.