XinYi WuXing DVD

XinYi WuXing

Dai Family Internal Martial Arts DVD (part I)


XinYi WuXing DVD

In this DVD series, 7th generation Dai Family XinYi lineage holder Master Zhongxian Wu explores WuXing Quan, one of the foundational practices of the legendary DaiShi XinYi Quan 戴氏心意拳 - Dai Family XinYi Internal Alchemy and Martial Arts system. Each DVD provides an essential resource that will help practitioners of all levels deepen into their practice, build strength and stamina, explore transformation through inner alchemical processes, and connect with the spiritual root of traditional Chinese mind-body arts.

Filmed primarily onsite at a 1000+ year old Daoist temple in the birth area of Dai Family XinYi system, this DVD includes:

1.Detailed instruction of:

  • HunYuanZhuang 混元樁 (the Primordial Stance), the foundation posture of the entire XinYi system, which builds strong DanTian Qi
  • LongShen 龍身 (the Dragon Body), which strengthens the vital link between the Governing meridian and Conception meridian
  • ChangSanBu 長三步 (the Long Trinity Step), a special stepping method that focuses on awakening deeper levels of consciousness
  • WuXingQuan 五行拳 (the Five Elements Form), which enhances the function of the five organ systems and develops the Five Elements martial arts skills

2.Full practice: HunYuanZhuang, LongShen, ChangSanBu and WuXingQuan

3.Combat demonstrations of LongShen, ChangSanBu, and WuXing Quan

4.Special bonus features include explantions by Grandmaster Zhao ShouRong and 8mm film-like technology that brings you into the timelessness of these ancient practices

Running Time: 55 minutes

Companion book available


“XinYi WuXing is the mother form of Dai Family XinYi. This DVD will help you connect to authentic teachings of Daoist internal martial arts.”
– Grandmaster Zhao ShouRong 趙守榮, 6th generation lineage holder of the Dai Family XinYi system

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